Club Rules and Regulations


General Hours:

*Subject to change, check the Calendar for any updates

Monday – Thursday: 12-8

Friday: 12-9

Saturday, Sunday and Holidays: 11-9

*The last adult swim of the day will be called at 4:45 p.m



The main pool and junior pool may close early for special events, such as family or adult nights. Check the Club Calendar for dates and times. The pool will close at 4:00 p.m. on home swim meet nights. If no one is at the pool by 6:45pm, the pool will close unless you call to inform the manager you will be coming to the pool that evening.

Weapons of any kind are prohibited on pool grounds.

**The club is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.**  Any lost or left behind items will be placed in the lost and found located outside of the office in the hallway near the men’s locker room. Please check it regularly for lost items. Unclaimed items are donated periodically throughout the season.



The pool will close when inclement weather develops or the temperature is below 68 degrees. Both the pool manager and one board member must make this decision. Swimming is prohibited when thunder is heard or lightning is seen, including a 30 minute period after the last lightning or thunder is detected. Please leave umbrellas closed on windy days.




All members must create a pin and join our member dashboard, accessed through the website. Members must check in at the front office with their name, photos will be stored in the system for verification. Memberships are not transferable.  Members who allow non-members to use their membership to gain entrance will have their membership suspended for 30 days; and be fined $100. Disciplinary action will be reviewed by the Board of Directors for frequent offenders.

-Children ages 12 and up may enter the club without a chaperone. A responsible chaperone, at least 16 years old, must accompany children under the age of 12 (maximum of 3.)

Membership levels and Dues

Check here for current Membership Pricing

*Swim Team only members are considered members of the Dolphin Swim Team with restrictions on use of the pool and grounds during swim team events and hours and do not have voting rights.

New families interested in membership are encouraged to join our waitlist.  There is a nonrefundable $10 processing fee.  As memberships become available we are offering them to families on the waitlist in the order they joined.  If you fail to renew your membership by paying your dues on time, fail to respond to your membership invite, or decline you must (re)join the waitlist to become a member. 

Membership Disclaimer:

The Meadows Swim Club does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, sex, age, sexual preference or disability in membership, club sponsored activities or guests of members. 


The club’s preference is that everyone be active in helping maintain the club physically and socially through required volunteer hours.  Each membership must complete one of the following:

-Serve 5 hours throughout the season.* 


-Pay a volunteer waiver fee of $125 with their dues signifying that they will not be volunteering. 

*If the fee is not paid with dues it is our understanding that you will be serving your hours.  Failure to do so increases the upkeep costs and work load for everyone else. If you decide to pay the volunteer fee later in the season the fee will be increased to $150.   All volunteer fees must be paid by 10/01/24.  If you are not up to date with your volunteer requirement by this date you will not be eligible for membership the following year.  

If you have a single or couple membership, and all patrons on your membership are 70 years old, or older, you may email the club to apply for a volunteer requirement waiver. 



Members are allowed to welcome guests into the club and must be present with their guests upon entry and throughout their stay at the club. A guest fee must be paid and a waiver form must be filled out by the parent or guardian upon entry. Members may bring the same people as guests a maximum of 10 times during the season, and the guest must sign a guest registration and Waiver each time they visit. This form is digital and can be found at the front desk.

Daily Rates for Member Guests



For members with unique family situations we offer the following membership add-ons. If your situation does not fit with one of these add-ons please contact our membership committee at

Purchase and view pricing.



*NO GLASS CONTAINERS ARE PERMITTED ON ANY POOL DECK OR SNACK DECK AREA. Glass is only permitted in the Courtyard area. ALL glass containers are to be transported to and from the parking lot to the courtyard in secure devices {such as a cooler} to avoid breakage on the deck.

*FOOD AND BEVERAGES ARE CONFINED TO THE SNACK BAR EATING AREA OR THE COURTYARDS. Water bottles, Yetis, and cans are allowed on the upper deck ONLY.

*Food and drinks are NEVER allowed on the lower deck or in the pools.

*During adult swim children are NOT PERMITTED on the lower deck, in the main pool or junior pool and cannot sit on the edge of either of the pools. Adult swim is solely for members and guests age 18+ and pool employees on duty.

*The “BABY” pool is for children under 6. There is no lifeguard on duty. All children using this pool must be supervised by someone who is at least 16. Children MUST NOT be left unattended in the baby pool. Older children are not allowed to use the “BABY” pool during adult swim.

*The “Junior” pool is for children under the age of 9 and others of low swimming ability.

*While swimming in any pool, children under 6 and those of low swimming ability must be supervised by a parent or guardian. Children under the age of 8 should be supervised in the changing rooms. State Law encourages that a shower be taken immediately before entering the pool area

*Floatation devices allowed at discretion of the staff based on occupancy.

*Swimmers with long hair must secure their hair (male or female).

*Only appropriate swimwear is allowed in the pool, NO STREET CLOTHES. A clean swim-shirt may be worn in the pool. Shoes other than Aqua shoes may NOT be worn in the pool.

*Smoking and vaping are permitted in the courtyard areas a minimum of 15 feet behind the fence.

*The board of directors reserves the right to monitor and limit attendance during peak hours in order to maintain health and safety compliance.

*The Pool Manager or board may enforce additional rules to ensure safe, sanitary,efficient and orderly use of the facilities.



  • Diving off the side of the pool is prohibited.
  • No running or pushing is allowed in the deck areas.
  • No chicken fights or shoulder rides are allowed in any pool.
  • No pushing, dunking, horseplay or distractive splashing is allowed.
  • Do not congest the ladder areas.
  • No climbing on or playing under the guard chairs or other pool equipment.
  • No gum is allowed in the pools or on the decks.
  • All children who are not toilet trained must wear waterproof diapers and be changed immediately when necessary.
  • Parents or guardians must supervise their children at all times.
  • No tennis or hard balls allowed in the pool. Soft or nerf style balls and (non leather) footballs only.

Failure to follow pool behavior rules may result in time out of the water in a designated area.



  • One person on the diving board at a time.
  • No running off the board.
  • Only one bounce off the board before each dive.
  • No catching children off the diving board.
  • Do not wait on the ladder while in line.
  • Do not leave the board until the previous diver has reached the side of the pool.
  • No swimming in the diving area while boards are in use.
  • Exit the pool on the same side as the board you are using.
  • Dive or jump straight off the board. Not to the side.
  • No sitting, hanging, handstands or cartwheels off the board.
  • All divers must leave the diving board from their feet.
  • All divers must be able to swim one length of the main pool before using the boards, guards may ask a swimmer to do a swim test.
  • Floatation devices will only be allowed in the diving area after the child has completed a swim test of one width of the pool and has received an approved tag to attach to their flotation device. A guardian (age 18+) must be present on deck while the child is using the diving board.

Failure to follow diving board rules may result in time out of the water in a designated area.



Please check with the office to see if grills are reserved. When done, turn off the gas and clean the grill. Grills may not be moved. Treat them as your own and remember to bring your own grill tools.



The Meadows is a wonderful venue for birthday parties, graduation parties, family reunions, baseball, softball, soccer parties and more. All members may host parties. Party dates may be requested anytime the pool is open with the exceptions of a pool sponsored event or swim team event. The number of parties allowed during any one day is left to the discretion of the board. All parties must be reserved with the PARTY CHAIRPERSON and “party reservation form” filled out. At the time of booking, the pool manager or PARTY CHAIRPERSON will collect the party request form and note the member who is hosting the party. Parties may be denied entry if no party form is received. For parties with 50+ guests a deposit of 50% is required to reserve your date and must be received 5 days prior to the party. For all parties, final payment and guest list is due the day of the party prior to the party starting unless other arrangements have been made. Large parties exceeding 50 guests will be assigned to the upper courtyard (hilltop area). Party forms with pricing are available in the office and on our website. The board must approve parties of 50 people or more and for private parties.






Multiple infractions of pool rules related to food, open beverage containers, and glass containers on the pool deck will result in the following consequences:

*First infraction will result in a warning
*Second infraction will result in a $25 fine
*Third infraction will result in a suspension of 1-7 days (determined by the board)

Please be advised these rules/regulations are set by the declarations of this pool and is a common practice among all pools and is a Health Department regulation.


Thank you for your cooperation

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The Meadows Swim and Tennis Club does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, sex, age, sexual preference or disability in membership, club sponsored activities or guests of members.

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