Volunteers Needed
Volunteer options:

The club’s preference is that everyone be active in helping maintain the club physically and socially through required volunteer hours.  Depending on the task an average contractor’s wages are currently upwards of $50 an hour.  When members help around the club we save a lot of money.  We understand that everyone has busy schedules so we offer the following options to meet the requirement:

-Each membership will serve 5 hours throughout the season.

-Each membership will pay a $125 waiver fee with their dues signifying that they will not be volunteering. 

-If the fee is not paid with dues it is our understanding that you will be serving your hours.  Failure to do so increases the upkeep costs and work load for everyone else.   If you decide to pay the volunteer fee later in the season the fee will be increased to $150.   All volunteer fees must be paid by 10/01/24.  If you are not up to date with your volunteer requirement by this date you will not be eligible for membership the following year.  


Those who are choosing to serve 5 hours throughout the season need to select at least one area to help in now to assist us with planning activities and work days.  Please check all volunteer areas you are interested in.  We will contact you when we need help in these areas. 

**Our areas of preference and GREATEST NEED are starred. **


  • ** Lead Social Event Planner (5 Hours) **

These are the expectations to receive 5 volunteer hours for planning an event. 

Possible Events: Cocktail Contest, Movie Nights, Work-out Classes, BBQ Contests, Beer or wine nights, food truck vendors events, Trivia Night, your own awesome ideas…

-Determine the event date and details then email the club with details to include in regular communications.  meadowsswimtc@gmail.com (Date, time, flyer or graphic for social media, ect.) 

-Help find volunteers to help you with set-up, clean-up and running the snack bar if needed. Ask your friends who also need hours. 

-Have your volunteers sign in so they get credit for the hours worked. 

-Attend the entire event and make sure everything runs smoothly.  

-Set-up for event and or manage set-up volunteers

-Run the event and or manage event volunteers

-Clean-up after the event and or manage clean-up volunteers.


  • ** Volunteer at Social Events (Hours Vary) **

If you prefer not to lead a social event you can still help, set-up, run, and clean-up.  You will receive the number of hours you help. 


  • ** League Coordinator (5 hours per league) **

-Pick an activity and set-up a league or tournament. (Bags, volleyball, pickleball, basketball, cup in hand kickball, ect.)  

-Pick the run time and schedule 

-Coordinate participants 

-Track Scoring 

-Determine a fee structure if prizes are involved 


  • ** League Volunteer (hours vary) **

Attend league nights of your choice and help the activities run smoothly.  Work with the league coordinator for details. 


  • ** Marketing/ Social Media (hours vary) **

Help us create content and graphics for various events and improve our social media presence. Help us market the club to local families. 


  • Snack Bar Volunteer (hours vary)

Run the snack bar on busy holiday or weekend afternoons.  Or work the snack bar for a specific event. You will receive the number of hours in credit that you work.  Children must be at least 14 years old to work in the snack bar.  


  • 60th Anniversary Planning Committee (hours vary)

Help us plan for our big 60th anniversary.  We are still taking ideas on how to make this year very special for all. 


  • ** Landscaping throughout the summer (hours vary) **

We have regular weeding, bush trimming, and landscaping maintenance that happens at the start of the season and all throughout the summer.  Help out when it’s convenient for you, just coordinate with us. 


  • Club House/ Picnic Table Cleaning (hours vary)

Help with regular cleaning by coming in before opening to wipe down picnic tables and freshen up the club house. 


  • Flower Box Sponsor (5 hours- limited number of boxes)

Purchase plants, and plant a flower box.  Maintain and water it throughout the summer.)


  • Prep the club to open

Help at the preseason work days to power wash, prep chairs and picnic tables, set-up other equipment, paint the deck and pools (if needed), and any other general set-up. 


  • Prep the club to close

Help at closing work days in September/ October.  Store chairs, grills and other equipment. 


  • Your own idea of something you’d like to see happen at the club. 

Be creative, we want to work with you. 


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